Daily horoscope

Daily horoscope for Friday, August 17, 2018

You've decided to shake off all remnants of that serious attitude you were recently forced into taking on -- and not a moment too soon. After all, you're a fire sign, and you have your reputation to think of. It's time to have some fun, and that is definitely that. Your only dilemma now will be which charming offer to accept and which to try postponing until tomorrow -- or until next week, if absolutely necessary. We should all have such problems.


This dutiful, responsible mood you've been in -- even more than usual, that is -- has gone on for far too long, and you've decided that enough is enough. You're going to have some fun, you're going to have it now, and you've made some seriously lavish arrangements, too. Needless to say, your partner isn't just delighted -- they're pinching themselves. While you have them in this compromised position, feel free to say anything you might otherwise feel hesitant about.


Every now and then, we all need to let loose and have some fun. That's not an uncommon state of affairs for you -- after all, 'variety is the spice of life' is your sign's motto, and it didn't happen by accident. At the moment, however, you'll be even more freewheeling, optimistic and ready to play than you usually are. There's only one thing to do: Gather the troops around you and organize an absolutely unforgettable party.


Invitations won't be hard to come by, and it won't be tough to talk you into accepting them. The most attractive offer will likely arrive via someone who wants to thank you for something wonderful you've done for them recently -- something you've never allowed yourself to be properly rewarded for. This time, don't refuse the gesture. We all deserve our time in the spotlight when we've earned it, and you've certainly earned it.


Entertainment is your middle name. You can create an audience just about anywhere, too. You'll have plenty of opportunities to strut your stuff for the next couple of days, and you should take them all. As you well know, you don't need an actual stage to perform. You can do it behind a bar, in the middle of an office staff meeting or via a grand entrance to your own home. Go ahead. No matter where you are, give the fans what they came for.


No matter what that famously sensible friend of yours says, you need to trust your antennae now, and ignore all the 'shoulda-woulda-couldas' that will inevitably be tossed your way. Besides, if you go against your intuition and it doesn't work out, you'll spend forever wondering what might have happened. This way, at least you'll know that there really was no other way for you to act -- or react. You may even cross paths with someone you'd never have otherwise met.


A purely frivolous invitation is about to arrive -- one that involves nothing but fun, pure and simple. After the week you've had, you won't refuse, or ever think about refusing. You may need to talk your sweetie into accompanying you, but if you sweeten the pot with either a romantic dinner or a nightcap in that little out of the way club they love, bet you'll be able to have the best of both worlds.


It's always funny to watch someone try to stand in front of you when a picture is being shot, or take the recognition away from you when it's time for the credits to roll. No one loves operating from behind the scenes as much as you do -- mostly because it gives you a chance to play the Wizard: The person behind the curtain who's unseen, but nonetheless in charge of the whole production. Let them go for it now; it's worth a good giggle.


Recent events you're not all that tickled about might make it seem quite tempting to hop in the car, on a bus or on a plane -- basically, to go anywhere unfamiliar, where the subject you don't want to discuss will absolutely not come up. But that's not your style, is it? You're used to facing things head on, and there's no reason for you to do anything differently now. Show up, as usual, with a grin and a wise comment.


As usual, you have something to teach us. This time around, the lesson will be on the virtue of subtlety, at a time when it would be far easier for you to just give in and make a show of things. Yes, strutting your stuff -- the same way the rest of the planet's population will be strutting theirs -- may be the easy thing to do, but that won't tempt you. When have you ever taken the easy way out of anything?


You paid your dues yesterday -- and the day before that, and probably the day before that, too. Your karmic account is now firmly in the black, so it's time for some well-earned fun. There's someone out there who's noticed what you've been through lately, and they're more than willing to offer up their services as a cruise director of sorts. Let them do their thing; go along on whatever adventure they've planned.


When you least expect it, a coworker will do you a tremendous favor -- and you'll be doubly surprised by it. In addition to not expecting this particular person to ever go out of their way for you, they also won't want a single bit of credit for it. They may even try to be totally anonymous in their efforts to help you. Don't make a big deal of it, but do offer them a wink and a smile.

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